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After drinking coffee for several years, I never seemed to get that pick-me-up feeling I used to get, or the refreshing nature in which I was awakened each morning with my cup of java.  So after months and months of development, we're proud to bring you the biggest buzz the world of coffee has ever seen.  

Introducing a breakthrough in the coffee revolution that will keep you rocking, keep you rolling, and keep you buzzing throughout the day.  Our coffee is made with 5 times the amount of caffeine found in a typical cup of coffee, giving you that boost you deserve. 



Born and raised along the Mississippi river in the Quad Cities, Brent Bateman has spent the past decade writing, producing, and directing a select number of films, while developing Blasted Coffee Company.  

His passion for creating something from nothing led him to embark on his latest project, coffee made for those who deserve more.  Bateman cites his parents work ethic, compassion, and love, as the catalyst that drives him in all his endeavors. 


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